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Provider of quality specialized cleaning service

PATS Services, Inc provides a range of other services that go beyond pumping and portables.

Our skilled workers go the extra mile to provide you with top quality cleaning for confined or specialized places. Read on to learn more.

Jetting Service

Keep your sewer lines cleaner, longer. Our professional methods clear clogged or slow sewage lines caused by blockages and build up.

Confined Space Entry Services

Our trained personnel are equipped with skills and experience to handle jobs in confined spaces. Whenever clean up, repair, or maintenance of tanks or piping is needed, our crew armed with specialized equipment would complete the tast for you, safety and efficiency in mind.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Clean your grease trap regularly to stop fats, oil, and grease (FOG) from mixing with water that goes to the sewers. Ease your mind from worrying about clogged drain lines, foul odors, or pricey sewer replacements. Constant cleaning is key. Our crew always does a excellent job in cleaning and maintaining your grease trap to keep it running smoothly.

Lift Station Cleaning

Lift stations require regular pumping and cleaning to maintain proper operation and avoid expensive repairs. We use environmentally safe products and procedures to ensure the public health's safety.